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Understanding The Belief Code

Our beliefs run our lives, our choices, our paths. Most of these belief systems hidden in our subconscious mind are formed in childhood, and we take them to be “the truth”. As adults, we are consciously aware that “something” is in the way of achieving the next level of income, that amazing relationship, better health, better sleep – the list goes on! Dr. Bradley Nelson and his Team have worked with information gleaned over 25 years to create an efficient, effective, and straightforward system to release limiting beliefs. The Belief Code is part of Systems 1 and 2, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code. Releasing your Heart Wall, and other basic trapped energies is recommended before your body is ready for The Belief Code. We never force or make assumptions – we only release what your body is ready for. The Belief Code views a belief system as a tree: The Branches, The Trunk, The Soil, and The Roots.
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The Branches, Negative Programs

Negative programs are the result of the full system, producing negative automatic thoughts. They are the easiest part of the Faulty Belief System to perceive and can be recognized as negative self-talk and chatter in the mind.

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The Trunk, Limiting Beliefs

The limiting belief is at the center of the belief system. The belief is likely something you believe about yourself or the world. You might have no idea that thought was lingering in your subconscious mind.

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The Roots, Faulty Core Belief

When a negative belief is reinforced, and supported by other emotions, that belief grows and even becomes additional beliefs. It spreads and compounds upon itself, becoming a tangled web of roots that becomes our belief system.

The Soil, Faulty Core Identity

A Faulty Core Identity is the origin story of the belief. These beliefs often begin when we are children and absorb the ideas around us without question. They become part of our identity so closely, they may become unrecognizable to us.

What Is The Belief Code?

Our Core Belief System can dramatically impact how we perceive every aspect of our lives! The four main layers of a Faulty Belief System are addressed by The Belief Code, allowing you to systematically release unwanted negative beliefs.

The Belief Code is guided by the seven energy centers of the body:

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  • Divine: Faith, Purpose, God, Forgiveness, Higher Self, and Success
  • Insight: Body Image, Defects, Illness, Pain, Boundaries, Education, Intuition, and Recovery
  • Communication: Authority, Expression, Awareness and Ego
  • Love: Feelings, Family, Parents, Self, Children, Others, Partner and Responsibility
  • Power: Ability, Comparison, Expectation, Performance, Change, Effort, Growth and Strength
  • Passion: Choices, Financial, Sexuality, Death, Scarcity and Time
  • Survival: Codependency, Sabotage, Victim, Control, Safety and Worth

What Does A Belief Code Session Look Like?

Just as in an Emotion Code/Body Code session, we begin with identifying what you would like to have different, or what you are looking to have in your life that you don’t have now. This could be something tangible such as money, or material goods, or it could be a feeling, a thought such as to regain a positive outlook on life, to release chronic pain, or anxiety, alleviate sleep problems, or something unique to you.

When we use The Belief Code, we focus on a specific topic, and muscle test to be sure that The Belief Code is the system to begin with.

If someone is new to this type of work, there are usually 2-3 foundational sessions to release The Heart Wall and other pressing energies that are on the top layer. As we continue, we focus on using The Belief Code on specific goals such as finances, relationships, health, chronic pain, sleep, and various issues.

A Belief Code session begins with finding the negative beliefs leading to the topic at hand, deciphering all of the belief statements, and finding the associated imbalances underneath these statements. At that point, we use The Emotion Code and The Body Code systems to find trapped emotions, Despair Anchors, Broadcast Messages, and other negative frequencies all connected to this specific belief system.

We are primarily talking to your subconscious mind in a Belief Code session, knowing that the subconscious mind will access the “what, when, and where” so these beliefs can be shifted – with lasting results. We generally find it unnecessary to muscle test for the exact event with similar energy from childhood, as the subconscious knows. We can always muscle test to find the original event if we find it helpful.

We also use these systems to access the subconscious mind, without anyone being on the phone or video. (These are referred to as “email sessions” or “remote sessions”). This is also how we work on animals, babies, children, or anyone who does not want to talk. It’s okay not to talk during a session! We will ask your body questions, through muscle testing, and receive answers. (“The Body Keeps The Score”, a book by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.)

After the session, there is some “processing”. When in session, it can feel like “you are just sitting there”. In the meantime, your mental, emotional, and spiritual body, your subconscious mind, is letting go of energy it has stored for years, including inherited energy. This can result in a couple of days (or maybe only hours) of being a little tired, or emotional. This normally subsides quickly, and the result of the session is brought to your awareness. Some people process in the moment and notice shifts immediately, and others are noticed later.

The Belief Code is an advanced, efficient, and effective healing system, and an avenue to getting to the core of what “makes us tick”. So many beliefs are held in our subconscious mind and are formed before the age of seven. We do not even recognize them as negative or self-sabotaging. We have had them for so long, that we just accept them as “true”.

But what if those are the very beliefs keeping you from finding your ideal partner, your best career path, or your highest level of health?

This is the next level of healing!

Belief Code Testimonials

My client, a 54-year-old woman, who teaches yoga, is going through the 3rd, and final separation and soon divorce of her husband of many years. I followed up with her after the first session, and she said she was doing well. When she came in for the second time, she told me that the back and neck pain she had been experiencing for 8 years went away!

A young teenage girl that I work with weekly, doing remote sessions, had a big shift of self-confidence and acceptance with her cheerleading events and friend connections after her first Beliief Code session!

Brenda's work is truly amazing and has improved multiple areas of my life drastically, including motivation, fatigue, and so much more! Brenda's years of experience, along with the use of new techniques like The Belief Code, and her passion for helping others shine through the successes of her work.

Over many years of my life I experienced various personal therapies. My belief is that any physical ailment has a root in the emotional and energy body. After a pretty bad diagnosis (more tests showed a false alarm), I decided to again work on this part of my being. Working with Brenda has changed my life on a spiritual and emotional level.Here is one example: Being out of town I experienced heavy-duty sciatica. Since she also provides in-person AND remote sessions, I was very grateful to talk to her. That night was the first time after 4 sleepless nights that my pain was relived to the point that I finally had a comfortable night. Such is the power of her sessions with the Body Code. Besides having these fabulous tools she is working with, I experience Brenda as a compassionate and kind person with great humor and wisdom. Recently Brenda took a new class about Belief Systems. (The Belief Code.) This rounds up to an even more powerful experience and is helping me to experience life from a centered heart space with ease. Thank you, Brenda! I highly appreciate you being in my life 🙂

Brenda's work is magical. She has worked with me on both The Belief Code and The Body Code. At times there can be layers to process, and at other times my changes have happened immediately. These sessions are like night and day. I was thinking/ feeling one way my whole life, then it was as if someone snapped their fingers and my view and feelings in my body were forever changed in that area. There are no words to explain the shift and openness I felt after. Once you have an experience that is so real for you, there's no going back. I'm grateful to have Brenda as part of my healing team.

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