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You’re amazing! All I can say is that after every session, my communication with my husband has been easy, comfortable, and effective, rather than escalating into an argument. Wow! Big change!


Age 39, San Diego CA

Not only can I now easily focus on my business, I am sleeping better than I have in five years!


Age 66, Carlsbad CA

When I would feel anxiety with too much to do, I would turn to an alternative (legal) recreational drug – and I have no other addictions or vices. After working with Brenda, I have had no cravings, and have just STOPPED! I can’t believe how easy it was.


Age 54, Encinitas CA

I started working with Brenda a month after being released from the hospital due to a severe stomach issue. I connected with Brenda socially while I was visiting. I knew Brenda did some kind of healing work, but I never looked into it as I lived out state. After one session, my stomach felt better right away, and I was able to start eating again. I had to go back home, so we continued doing sessions over the phone, and I continued to heal. Needless to say, there were hidden negative emotions connected with all of this! A bonus was, that after some weeks of working, this feeling of gripping anxiety I have felt every afternoon for over 30 years just went away!

B. R.

Business Owner

Brenda Jean Flowers has worked in Mind-Body techniques for many years, alongside doctors and also independently. She specializes in pinpointing emotional and physical issues that contribute to a person’s thought processes about life’s ups and downs. She has personally assisted me to experience emotional healing from pent-up stresses from my past that was affecting how I handled current decisions. She is a patient listener and keeps personal values out of her evaluation.

A. L. F.

Marianne came to me with “struggle” and “procrastination” – after a few sessions, she found that she could accomplish more at work and at home – quickly and easily, without the constant feelings of inadequacy.

Betty reported feeling a lot lighter – and during the session, her cough (allergies, she thought) disappeared in 5 minutes – and was still gone the next day!

I cannot say enough about my time with Brenda. Her approach is gentle and patient, and yet she does not waste time but rather, adeptly clears my blocks to personal healing and growth. I plan to continue this work whenever life presents insurmountable challenges. Thank you Brenda!

Tina W.

I have known and worked with Brenda, both giving and receiving energy work, for three years. I have always been impressed with her enthusiasm and sincerity in wanting to help her clients as best she can. Many years spent learning about the Mind-Body relationship have given her a quite a breadth of knowledge, yet she is always curious to learn more. She continues to work on herself, too, to make sure that she is at her best when helping others. She likes to work quickly, but she doesn’t stop short when the journey gets difficult. It is also important to her to keep things light and to insert bits of humor along the way. In short, she puts her heart into her work – and it shows.

L. Hart, PhD

Sonia had a sinus problem which was blocking a channel in her body that just disappeared!

Jean simply said that now “she feels happy every day!”

I am one of approximately 2 million people in the US that experience the debilitating symptoms of ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). This disease affects nearly every system and organ in my body, from central nervous system to immune system. The medical community is still trying to understand the cause of the disease. There are currently no effective medical treatments and there is no cure. For example, when I get a minor cold, it always develops into a full-blown bacterial infection that requires antibiotic treatment, seemingly no matter what I do to rest, take vitamins, supplements, etc.

I began working with Brenda Flowers about a year ago for a period of 3 to 4 months. Brenda used the “Emotion Code” and “Body Code” techniques to clear blockages to my wellness. I appreciated Brenda’s enthusiasm, optimism, and open-mindedness. She treated me in a caring, non-judgmental way. Amazingly, and completely unexpectedly, my body was able to overcome a recent cold without the usual downward spiral. I was thrilled to experience my body responding the way it naturally should. I have felt a lot of other “shifts” since working with Brenda, and I’m pleased to recognize them.

I feel confident in referring others to Brenda…if she can use the Emotion and Body Code techniques to help someone out of the reach of current medicine and science, then she can certainly do wonders to support those suffering with more common afflictions.


Consultant , Carlsbad, CA

I had been working with Brenda on an abundance issue, but at one session I randomly asked if she could help me with my “overactive bladder.” I’m a massage therapist (age 33) and the fact that I had to use the bathroom every 30 minutes was pretty inconvenient! This had been going on for about one month. After the session, the very same evening I was back to normal! I was surprised that emotions were the cause of this – but happy!

S. Johnson

Oceanside, CA

I’ve only had seven visits with Brenda but I’m seeing a dramatic reduction in my stress levels, and she has helped me tremendously with various traumas I have suffered.

But what I wanted to share is that I am a Type 2 Diabetic, and since I have been seeing Brenda, my fasting sugars and A1C numbers are the lowest they’ve been in 10 years. (I’ve had this condition for 19 years, and I am of normal weight.) 

While diet and exercise are very important to a Type 2 Diabetic’s health (something Brenda has also helped me with), I’ve now learned the connection between stress and illness, and that stress is responsible for a large amount of the illness we may suffer from during our lifetime. 

So while Brenda has helped me in many areas, helping me to get control of my stress and diabetes has been an amazing benefit.

In addition, I’ve seen many doctors for physical health and emotional wellness over the last 15 years and Brenda is one of the kindest, most compassionate and empathetic people I’ve met during that time.

Darrin H.

Oceanside, CA

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