Income & abundance solution systems

Shift your energy. Shift your life.

Abundance solution

  • Customized with short term and long term Goals
  • Physiological shifts to allow for automatic Updates of old Subconscious patterns
  • Detailed oriented
    Clear old subconscious limiting beliefs around money
  • Integrative for you go achieve the fastest results
manifest more money

Releasing negative patterns of hidden, subconscious blocks 
allows for the energy of abundance to flow!


Some common subconscious obstacles we release: 

  • Feeling “stuck” in your present career and income level
  • Transitioning to a different career, position, or way of doing business
  • Changing your income path completely (a new business, e-commerce, a new industry)
  • Simply increase your sales comfortably and easily, selling from your heart
  • Enjoy the people you work with, and your work environment!

Some areas I cover

lady depressed

Life transitions

money income and abundance

& abundance

relationship services


relationship couple therapy

& groups

baby and dog energy work

Babies, children
& animals

~ Update the software of your brain ~

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