Shift your energy. Shift your life.

Do you suffer from…

  • Chronic pain? Back, knee, neck, shoulder?
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety?
  • Headaches or migraines?
  • Difficult or interrupted sleep?
lady with headache

Do these symptoms make your day a challenge?

Do you miss out on life experiences within
your family, relationships & opportunities?

Anxiety and stress are often the contributing root causes (and overlooked causes) of physical pain, sleep disturbances, and depression. When these symptoms are chronic, it is very easy to cover them up with prescription or over-the-counter medications, bad habits and addictions. Trauma, past injuries, our environment, and our diet are all contributing factors to pain and anxiety.

Healing techniques

My specialty is incorporating a unique, intuitive process that weaves in many healing modalities, including the Belief Code, Body Code and Emotion Code, which can effectively eliminate hidden subconscious emotional and physical blocks that keep you stuck.

Some areas I cover

lady depressed

Life transitions

money income and abundance

& abundance

relationship services


relationship couple therapy

& groups

baby and dog energy work

Babies, children
& animals

This work uses tools to get to the bottom of your anxiety and stress.
The result is an “automatic update for your brain.”

happy lady

Pain & Anxiety Solution System

  • Wake up feeling calmer, focused, patient – free of the heaviness!
  • Release old triggers and patterns from the body – physiologically
  • Release “racing heart” symptoms, “pressure on the chest” feelings.

Get to the ROOT cause and feel great once and for all!