Brenda Jean Flowers

Mind-Body Expert, Integrative Practitioner, Speaker

My Story…

I have been living and breathing holistic health for over 30 years, and I share that knowledge and experience with my clients. I grew up having chronic health issues such as respiratory, weight, attention problems, and headaches. I began researching reasons why, because the medications and other Western medical approaches were not solving the problems. I found ways that worked, and that’s what I practice now.

In addition to working with clients one-on-one, I currently write on all aspects of alternative health, and the Mind-Body connection. I attend seminars regularly on alternative health, nutrition, spirituality and the emotional components of health. My health and happiness have been greatly improved by using the techniques that I work with. I have personally experienced many of the issues that I help my clients with – I know how you feel!

Mentor and Educator of the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to Doctors and Clinicians Mentor and Instructor of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

25 years of Mind-Body Technique Training and Expertise:

  • 600 hours of NET
  • 200 hours of Eastern Medicine and Massage Therapy
  • 100 hours of nutritional training
  • Studied personally with Dr. Scott Walker of NET
  • Studied extensively with Dr. Bradley Nelson of The Body Code and The Emotion Code


  • Business Degree, B.S. Finance, and conducted training in sales and marketing
  • Mother of two amazing women
  • Happily married to a Holistic Chiropractor for 25 years
  • 18 years working in our chiropractic office

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