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Emotions get stuck in the physical cells of the body, and then your experiences from there are based on that trauma. If you can go in and shift or neutralize that, then those instances in the future will not be the same. The responses will be different.” – Brenda J. Flowers

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Today we discuss changing the mind through transformative thinking to increase your wealth, happiness, and create a stress-free life.

Special guest Brenda J. Flowers is an expert in helping people understand the mental, emotional, and physical blocks that keep us stuck and unable to accomplish what we want in life. She shares how to remove the blocks from our path to success, and how to get back to our true nature where all the doors open themselves.

Guests Denise Mueller-Korenek and John Howard also join us today to share the journey of helping Denise become the fastest woman alive by setting a national record in land speed cycling. They discuss the mindset it takes to accomplish huge goals and provide inspiration for other men and women to follow their dreams no matter what path they’ve traveled.

We Discuss:

  • What it takes to increase your success, happiness, power, and awareness
  • Using success principles to bring forth your greatness and generate what you want in life
  • Asking new, powerful questions to open your mind in a life-changing way
  • What it really means to “update” your brain and how this process can change everything
  • How issues in family life, relationships, finances, etc. stem from our cellular memory
  • The different emotional realities that we’re all living in and seeing life through
  • Changing our Fiat mindset into a Maserati mindset that’s built for success
  • Why it’s so difficult for most people to have a happy and successful life
  • What the #MeToo movement has to do with transformation work
  • Releasing negative patterns and finding peace in a stress-filled world
  • Creating the right mindset to make accomplishing big dreams possible
  • Managing both the positive and negative stress in your life