Salt is salt, right?

Actually, that is incorrect! There is refined salt and unrefined salt.

Can you guess which one our body needs? To manufacture refined salt, hydrochloric acid, or sulphuric acid, is used to precipitate out the “impurities” which are actually the trace minerals that we need for our health!

Refined salt then has aluminum, dextrose and ferroCYANIDE, and some other ingredients that your body doesn’t want. Unrefined salt, complete with trace minerals, is the one our bodies need in order to function naturally.

Refined salt (such as Morton’s Table Salt) is refined to maintain certain properties, the main one being is that it will have a very long shelf life. Refined salt is manufactured to be pretty, white and to easily flow out of a container.

Sea salt, and other unrefined salts, contain much more than sodium and chloride. Unrefined salt contains all the elements necessary for life. Celtic Sea Salt (Light Grey) is one type of popular sea salt. Celtic Sea Salt is harvested near the coast of Northwestern France. The process used is the same one as the ancient Celts used over 2,000 years ago.

It is possible to find good celtic sea salt, but many of the celtic sea salts have been contaminated by modern pollutants in the North Atlantic.

An excellent, easy to find salt is Redmonds Real Salt.

Redmonds can be found at most natural food stores such as Whole Foods, Jimbos,Naturally and in San Diego, Lazy Acres in Encinitas, and Wild Oats or on-line. (This salt is very reasonable in price.) Redmonds Real Salt is mined from the salt deposits near Redmond, Utah and is completely unprocessed. (Years ago, I called the company to ask how it is that the salt has such a nice, uniformed texture? I found out that they do press it to obtain the smoothness, and that’s all!)