Why has this been in the news for so long? Yes, it IS a big problem, one that does need to be solved. One of the reasons it is still in the news is that this has affected a majority of women. It is great that finally these women are feeling safe enough to speak of these incidents. However, another reason this is so prevalent is that these women still have these memories stuck in the pathways of their bodies, on a physical level.

All of my work is based on the Eastern Medical Model, and getting to the root of an issue, whether it is physical or emotional. And, these are most often combined. I work with the bodies’ channels – the channels are like rivers flowing through us; they carry to us the nutrients and oxygen that our bodies need, and take away the toxic waste. Sometimes these channels get blocked with pebbles, rocks – or boulders.

#MeToo traumas could very likely be “boulders” blocking those channels, which will impact every area of our life. When this news came out a few months ago, it took me at least one month to actually remember that I had a “#MeToo” trauma when I was 26. (Of course, a trusted former boss, wealthy, and someone who had known me for a while, as I used to babysit his kids.)

It is very encouraging that people are being brave and stating that they too, are a victim, and we look forward to the future where sexual assault is less prevalent, and the future generations are raised with a higher awareness and compassion for individuals. The future is looking optimistic, but what has happened is in the past, and addressing that, and clearing the emotional charge may help you function better in your everyday life. With functioning better, your passion and fire about this movement will be heard. Your clear heart will be ready to handle the fight more, and be better able to support others.

I have been doing this Mind Body Technique work for over 25 years, and in this time, I have received a lot of this work as well. Because of receiving this work, my body, and mind, had let go of this trauma years ago such that I don’t ever think of it.

If you are ready to have 2018 be different, and if you want to minimize, or let go of your #MeToo trauma, or any other trauma that may be a block to your happiness, I can help.