The Plant Paradox
Steven R. Gundry, MD
Lectins Are Not Our Friends!

Lectins! The new term people are understanding now because of the popularity of this book. Lectins are proteins that cause reactions in your body. The most famous one you have heard of is gluten. However, others can be kind of subtle …… like zucchini and cucumbers! Tomato skins and seeds contain the lectins; tomato sauce is generally free of lectins . The lectins in our foods can cause leaky gut, autoimmune reactions, food sensitivity and discomfort……..which is why you want to be aware of them.

Lectins are found in most all grains, in most of the cows’ milk dairy we consume here in the U.S., and in many of the vegetables we eat on a daily basis. (Properly prepared sourdough bread is fine – using organic wheat and a long fermentation process – because the lectins have been absorbed in the fermentation process.)

The reason to read this book is for better health, and having the possibility of losing some weight. People that have incorporated this way of eating have reported better overall digestion and energy (if they have been eating lectins to being with), and they have lost weight without really doing much except avoiding the lectin containing foods they were eating. One client (male, age 58), lost 16 pounds in in two months, just from avoiding lectins, primarily tomatoes. (He still has 2-4 slices of organic, sourdough bread every day.) Another client (female, around age 50), had a “nagging 6 pounds” that finally went away when she avoided lectins!

Dr. Steven R. Gundry’s book, “The Plant Paradox”, is full of very useful and understandable information. His background, and personal journey, is impressive and relatable to those seeking better health. The testimonials of how his patients have overcome diseases by following his program are inspiring.

Included in these, are a story about The Tony Robbins (saved from heart surgery, page 66), and a testimonial from the singer Usher (who needed to loose weight for a movie role, page 132). There are many other testimonials that describe the health benefits of avoiding lectins. A 27 year old woman with an autoimmune disease, (page 38), a 50 year old woman with migraines (page 224), a 20 year old woman with Crohn’s disease (page 80) and many more.

Check it out! And, I help clients with changing their eating styles.